New Patients

Welcome to Alabama Neurological Surgery and Spine. We are looking forward to helping you with your neurosurgical trouble. Prior to your appointment, please print and fill out the following forms. Bring them to your clinic visit. Doing so will reduce the amount of paperwork you must do on the day of clinic and will help you to be seen faster. Please select your Neurosurgeon to access their forms .

Insurance and Billing

It is the Clinic's policy to pre-register all patients before their appointment time. We will verify your insurance coverage and notify you if there are any problems before you come to the office. If we do not have a contractual agreement with your insurance company, we will be glad to file an insurance claim for you. However, you will be expected to pay any portion determined as "patient responsibility" at the time of your visit. Please be prepared to pay your co-payment at the time of your visit. If you need to make payment arrangements for your office visit, please contact our office prior to your appointment.

Insurance Pre-certification

  • If you are referred for any diagnostic or other procedure, we will obtain pre-certification from your insurance company if required. We will also take care of the pre-certification for your surgery if required.

  • Should you have any questions about your Pre-Certification of benefits, please call our office. It is the patient’s responsibility to make sure all referrals are up to date.



Insurance Forms

  • Medical insurance forms will be completed as soon as possible but can generally not be completed the same day they are received.

  • Please indicate on the form whether the form should be mailed to you or the insurance company. Please allow appropriate mailing time for insurance papers to reach their destination.

Frequent Questions

Do I need a referral, studies, or an MRI to be seen?

Dr. Kuhn, Dr. Pearson and Dr. Robinson will review and triage cases in order to care for patients in the most expedient and appropriate manner. This usually requires a referral and a recent MRI. Our nurse practitioners can also help expedite workup and initial treatment


How quickly can I get an appointment?

This depends on availability. New patients Can usually be seen for an appointment within 4-8 weeks. Urgent cases will be seen as soon as possible and can frequently be scheduled within a week.


What do I bring to my first appointment?

If you have had any diagnostic tests (MRI/CT/X-rays/Discogram/nerve conduction studies) performed, you will need to bring these tests with you. For x-rays CT scans or MRI's please be sure to bring the actual images (usually on a CD). The physician needs to review these studies during your visit. A copy of the CD can be obtained by contacting the facility at which your imaging was done.

A medical history form will also be requested. You can reduce the amount of paperwork that you need to do in the office by clicking the button above printing this out, completing it, and bringing it with you.

Please remember to bring your driver’s license (or other picture ID) as well as your insurance card.


How long will my visit last?

Please plan on approximately 2 hours for your visit. We try very hard to keep to our schedule; however, we are a surgical practice and there are times when unforeseen circumstances or emergencies prevent us from being on time. Should this be the case on your appointment day, we will notify you immediately and ask you please to be patient.


If tests are ordered, how long will I have to wait until I get results?

Generally we are able to contact you within 3-5 business days following receipt of the test by our office. The physician reviews the actual images from studies done and does not rely only on a report. This does cause some delay in getting results as he must wait for the study to arrive by mail, but it allows correlation of your results to your problems. Please be patient, but if you have concerns, feel free to contact us.