About Alabama Neurological
Surgery & Spine

Neurosurgery located in Birmingham, AL

Alabama Neurological Surgery & Spine

Neurosurgery located in Birmingham, AL

Alabama Neurological Surgery & Spine is a highly regarded medical specialty resource within the community of Birmingham, Alabama. With a team of skilled practitioners and support staff, the practice offers a wide range of services, meeting neurological needs at all levels of complexity.  

Team members share a dedication to delivering personalized care that is also warm and compassionate. There’s an acknowledgment that patients with neurological conditions are already navigating challenging circumstances. Every effort is made to put them at ease and ensure they fully understand their treatment options and alleviate their pain. 

The practice takes a comprehensive surgical approach to brain and spinal disorders. All diagnostic and treatment services are performed using the most modern and advanced methods and techniques.  

Some of the many conditions treated through the practice include brain and spinal tumors, hydrocephalus, meningioma, and disc herniation. Treatment approaches include spinal fusion, disc replacement, spinal cord stimulation, and stereotactic radiosurgery.

Two of the practitioners, Dr. Pearson and Dr. Kuhn, are recognized by the North American Skull Base Society (NASBS). This recognition allows the facility where Alabama Neurological Surgery & Spine surgeons practice (Grandview Medical Center) to be regarded as a Skull Base Surgery Center of Excellence. 

Advanced neurological and spine surgical procedures require a team approach, and the surgeons at Alabama Neurological Surgery & Spine work closely with referring physicians to ensure seamless care.

State-of-the-art technology supports all services at the practice. Image-guided surgery, robotic-assisted surgery, and minimally invasive spine surgery techniques are just a few examples of the surgical options available through the practice. 

The best way to understand the integration of technology, expertise, and compassion that makes Alabama Neurological Surgery & Spine such a special place is to book a time to come in and meet with the team. Online booking is always an option; visits can also be scheduled by phone.