The novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 has led to dramatic disruption in our practice as it has throughout the world. We are committed to continuing to provide safe, compassionate and timely care to our patients.  If you are concerned you may be infected please call and reschedule your appointment, or convert it to a telemedicine appointment. This will allow us to keep our staff and other patients healthy.


In order to provide medical care during this period of social distancing, Dr. Pearson and Dr. Robinson are seeing many patients via telemedicine. Not every patient can be adequately evaluated with this tool but we hope to provide the safest environment for everyone. If you wish to be seen via video conference please call 205-250-6805 and ask if this is an option in your case.

To log in for your video conference follow these links:

Dr. Pearson:

Dr. Robinson: Please call 205-250-6805 for link.

Surgery Scheduling:

In response to COVID-19, all elective surgery has been suspended. This is an effort to both contain the virus, and to preserve the current supply of protective equipment. Surgery that is needed to preserve life, limb or risk of disability can still be performed. Decisions about postponing currently scheduled surgery or scheduling new surgeries will be rendered on a case by case basis. This will include an assesment of the risk to you and your family of coming to the hospital. Please inform us if you are scheduled for surgery and live with a high risk person.



From Grandview Medical Center:

Scheduling: We are hopeful to return to a more normal operation in our operating rooms effective April 13, 2020. In the interim, all urgent and emergent cases can be scheduled through the normal scheduling process. We have attached a policy regarding Neurosurgery Scheduling guidelines. Please review your schedule for next week and make any adjustments accordingly. 


Screening: These questions will be asked of all patients prior to their surgery:

1.       Have you had a fever during the past 24 hours greater than or equal to 100.4 degrees F?

2.       Do you have a new cough, sore throat, or difficulty taking a deep breath?

3.       Have you had contact with a known COVID-19 patient within the last 14 days?

4.       Have you traveled out of the state of Alabama or outside of the country within the last 14 days? If yes, have you been to a high risk area?


Arrival Time: We will work with your offices and schedulers, but as of Monday, March 30, we ask that you allow us

to notify your patients of their arrival time. We will need the flexibility to schedule patients based on room and resource availability as well as to maintain the highest level of efficiency possible.

To Schedule An Appointment

Call (205) 250-6805​